Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anthony Davis: The Different Kind of Star

                 Tomorrow night in the 2012 NBA Draft, the New Orleans Hornets will select Kentucky freshmen phenom, Anthony Davis, to nobody's surprise. Davis will become the starting center of the team  that will be surrounded by proven role players, Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza. During his tender at Kentucky, Davis won several  accolades including national Player of the Year awards from the Associated Press and the Naismith Foundation. The 6"10 center also won the Defensive Player of the Year and was named an All American. The freshman phenom ultimately led the Wildcats to the team to a 38-2 record and a National Championship game win in the Final Four against Kansas.

                 Davis comes into the NBA as being one of the most talked about number one picks in recent memory. Many scouts complement him as being a freak of nature. A man who grew from being a point guard in his high school years to a starting center in the NBA. During his one year at Kentucky, the general public observed his incredible shot blocking and rebounding abilities. Many believe that once he steps on the court in New Orleans, Davis will have an immediate impact on the team. Davis will quickly become the focus of the team's goals on the defensive end of the ball as well as helping out in the paint on the offensive side.

                However, Davis may not develop into the fully fleshed superstar, one who is very expressive to the media,  that many may expect. Davis seems to be a more reserved athlete that may not be as flashy as a star such as Lebron or a Dwight Howard. His abilities as a player and his reserved attitude make him an easy comparison to Tim Duncan. Duncan was a phenomenal young talent at Wake Forest in the mid 90's. Duncan than became the number one pick by a middle of the road franchise in San Antonio. Duncan then became a superstar in the league thanks to winning four NBA championships with the same franchise with players such as David Robinson, Bruce Bowen, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker.

               Tim Duncan has turned into one of the NBA's most respected players of all time because of his consistency throughout his career. Duncan is one of the athletes in sports that kids can really look up to, a player that not only looks after himself but his team and his city. Every thing that Duncan is associated with is performed with the up most class and respect for both himself and his team. You never see Duncan go cry out to the media get his coach fired, like a Howard,  or complain about his team's play. He just goes to practice the very next day with  the  mind that  thinks that yesterday is the past and the next day is a new beginning and another chance for success. 

              Anthony Davis is destined to become the next Duncan. Davis brings the right attitude to the arena everyday and is the ultimate team player. Selfishness is not in his vocabulary. Davis is put into a situation that can turn it around instantly. With one of the most underrated players in the league in Eric Gordon and a young and upcoming coach in Monty Williams. The Hornets can make the playoffs in Davis' rookie season while along the way  potentially helping him win the NBA's Rookie of the Year. Davis will also quickly become one of the best big men in the Western Conference with the likes of Andrew Bynum, Serge Ibaka, Kevin Love and Tim Duncan. If Davis stays healthy he could help lead a city that almost lost its pro basketball franchise, to the promise land by winning several championships for its new owner, Tom Benson. whose Saints rose the city's spirits after the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina, and returned New Orleans to its former glory as being one of the great American cities, by winning Super Bowl XLIV. Davis will truly become the center of attention in both New Orleans and the NBA as soon as he arrives in the big easy.


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